Easy and Cheap Indoor Cooling for Hot Days

The new generation of young adults by and large, like living in small and efficient spaces more so than the waves of baby boomers that came before their time.  Fed up with always being sold on more than what they actually need, millennials are signing up for the small house and mini apartment craze.  When your space (or your son’s, daughter’s, niece’s, nephew’s space, etc.) is less than 500 or so square feet, is there really a need for central air or a heat or cooling unit that utilizes ducts that can be a pain because they require pro help for regular cleaning?

A solution found more and more often, is ductless air conditioners.  Especially if you know yourself or your loved one to be the type of person to move around frequently, a ductless mini-split system will be easier to install and set up in comparison to a central air conditioner, especially with this informational pamphlet online.  You can even avoid some of the energy loss that occurs from the ducts in HVACs.  It may seem more expensive upfront, but that is only the case if you are moving into a house or building that already has existing vents.

But the biggest benefit of ductless air, is the versatility– it works for all different types of climates. Some heating and cooling methods are only suited for dry or humid weather, but the smaller all-in-one capabilities of going ductless are best suited for your lifestyle that is constantly on the move.